Fire Alarm Detection Systems

KS Engineering provides the full range of fire alarm detection systems and accessories from conventional type to addressable systems, capable of providing the protected premises with the specified functions and operations.

Fire Extinguishers

A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or controlling it until the fire department arrives. KS engineering can provide you new hand portable and wheeled fire extinguisher units to meet any application you may have. We can also service and renew BOMBA certificate for any existing fire extinguishers you have.

CO2 Gas Extinguishing System

Gas Suppression systems are designed to suppress a fire in sensitive non-occupied environment where water based system like sprinkler is not desired to be used. For instance, server rooms, switch room, transformer room, generator room, flammable storage areas and data centers, KS Engineering provides complete fire extinguishing system like electrical panels, piping, solenoid valve and CO2 gas cylinder to protect your places.

Clean Agent or Inert Gas Extinguishing System

Clean Agent or Inert Gas is used where you have personnel working in the area like in server room and TNB station. We provide consultation to our customer such as the volume of clean agent and provide comprehensive installation of clean agent/inert gas suppression system such as IG55 and FM200 to extinguish fire.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen fire mostly is classified as Class F (cooking fat) fire category in Malaysia. Thus, wet chemical fire suppression system is used to put out cooking fires in commercial and residential kitchen. Special Heat Detector is mounted on the kitchen hood which will trigger the discharge of wet chemical via the nozzle head will cools the flames immediately. If you are restaurant owners or you have a cafeteria in your factory, we are here to help you to safeguard your premise.

Aspiration Early Smoke Detection System

VESDA ® (an abbreviation of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a laser based smoke detection system . With more than 20 years of establishment of product in the market, it is recognized as one of the most advanced aspirating smoke detection system within the fire industry. We provide installation, service and maintenance of VESDA system to provide maximum protection to places like cold rooms, server room, computer rooms and warehousing

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrants is a connection point for firefighters or bomba to tap into a water supply to fight the fire. We supply fire hydrants, fire hose, nozzles, cabinets and other accessories. We also provide hydrant pipe re-routing, hydrant pipe surfacing and fixing of leakage hydrant pipe.

Sprinkler System

Fire protection sprinkler system reduce fire casualties and property damages. KS Engineering designs, installs, services, repairs and upgrades any fire sprinkler system from a to z which includes sprinkler nozzle heads, piping, flow switch, gate valves, check valves, high power electric or diesel pump engine and pump starter panel.

Hose Reel System

Hose reel system is the most elementary fire extinguishing system located at strategic places in a building to provide accessible pressurized supply of water. Manually operated and activated by opening a gate or ball valve, hose reel system generally serves as an early fire fighting aid. Hose Reel system comprises of hose reel drum, hose reels, electric duty and standby diesel pump, fire water tank, pipe work and valves.

Wet Riser System

Wet Riser is a supply system that distributes pressurized water to multiple levels of a building, mandatory for building more than 30.5 meters according to Uniform Building By-Laws 1984. It is one of the most important active components when fighting fire in high rise building. KS Engineering provides installs, services, hydrostatic test and repairs of wet riser system. Wet Riser System comprises of water tank, duty and standby pump, piping work, valves and wet riser landing valves.

Dry Riser System

Many people confuses between dry riser and wet riser. The absence of water in the rising pipe, water tank and water pump gives the name of dry riser. The normally empty pipe can be externally connected to a pressurized water source by firefighter or bomba.

Fireman Intercom System

Fireman Intercom system is a two way voice communication system which comprises of remote telephone handsets located within the building and the master telephone handset at the fire command center. We provide installation, service, repairs works of reliable fireman intercom system to ensure communication never downs during emergency.

SPKA Bomba Link

Fire and Rescue Department has made it compulsory for all designated premises to have Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring Control System (SPKA). We provide installation and services of SPKA system to our client to ensure their fire protection system always coupled with the state of the art iSCADA technology.