Inspection & Testing

System inspection and testing is one of the most important things you can do to keep your systems safe and operational at all times.

Installation & Build

It is our intent to have an estimator available to meet with you at the earliest possible opportunity so you can begin your project. Our estimators are highly experienced in the fire protection field and qualified to accurate and completely bid your project.


Through KS Engineering, you have access to some of the most innovative and progressive products and solutions for fire protection. We seek quality vendors to deliver products that help you protect your people and valuable assets. The teams behind these brands are dedicated to continual advancement and innovation, ensuring the products they have available to fire protection companies are of the highest possible quality.

Repair & Modification

Our repair capabilities are available 24 hours a day for everyday of the year. We have the capability to be at your location anywhere in the world. Technicians can be on site within an hour for emergencies in Penang, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Kulim, and Taiping, plus surrounding areas.


It is imperative that your company and employees know how to operate the installed fire protection system, and are prepared in the event of a fire to evacuate safely. We often provide training along with inspection or service contracts. KS Engineering can provide training directly to your group, at your location.

Facility Management

KS Engineering can centrally manage and administer all of your fire protection needs. From our location in Penang, Malaysia, we dispatch a select group of national partners to complete your required services. KS Engineering provides fire protection facility management for national accounts. We specialize in servicing companies that need special hazard experts to help solve the most complex fire protection system problems.


Having a fire alarm ensure the protection of life and property. It was made to give notice to people when a fire occurs. However, a fire drill is still needed to make sure that people know the best way to handle themselves when they caught in fire.


Having a CCTV camera is crucial nowdays. It is essential to strengthen your security measures to have maximum protection against threats from the outside or even from inside. Beside that, CCTV applications are limitless.


If you want to control the flow of traffic to a private area, an automatic barrier gate will get the job done in the most effective way possible. You won’t need to worry about trespassers, and the system will do the hard part after you install it.

Never catch on fire anymore.

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