Bomba regulations require fire protection systems to comply with a standard of performance and to be tested regularly, serviced and maintained to ensure optimal operation.

As part of our service/maintenance we:
  • Test all fire protection equipment and systems in accordance with NFPA codes and requirements.
  • Repair and replace components where required
  • Logging and Record all work performed in the site log books.

We specially tailor made maintenance contract, a maintenance program which incorporates all your fire protection system into one package. Maintenance schedules are created for each individual site, and are at a fixed price yearly/half-yearly/quarterly or monthly based on your budget.


Our service technicians will ensure that your fire protection equipment and your systems function properly through regular inspection and maintenance. No matter how big or small your organization, complex or straightforward your requirements, we strived to deliver excellent fire protection services to our clients.


To request a service call or further information, please contact us.