Every year, building owner must complete an Annual fire safety statement and submit to the local Council and Fire & Rescue Department in order to renew their fire certificate.  One of trouble faced by building owners is they need someone who experts in the fire industry to answer the following questions and how they can comply their building fire certificate.

  • how often does each item need to be tested and what needs to be done?
  • what is the difference between the Installation Standard and the Service Standard?
  • what happens if an item needs repair?
  • what reporting is required?
  • is the building being adequately serviced -or too much or too little?
  • are we getting what we paid for?

KS Engineering & Service provide consultations and assistance includes liaison with bomba authority for fire plan approval, plan renewal, certificate renewals, and arrangement of bomba inspection. With more than 24 years in fire industry, we strive to serve our customer with our broad experience and professional fire protection engineering.