What to Do in a Fire

Fire drills are a big part of being safe in school: They prepare you for what you need to do in case of a fire. But what if there was a fire where you live? Would you know what to do? Talking about fires can be scary because no one likes to think about people getting hurt or their things getting burned. But you can feel less worried if you are prepared.
It’s a good idea for families to talk about what they would do to escape a fire. Different families will have different strategies. Some kids live in one-story houses and other kids live in tall buildings. You’ll want to talk about escape plans and escape routes, so let’s start there.
Below is the list of activities that you need know:

  1. Know Your Way Out

  2. Safety Steps

  3. Stay Low

  4. What if You Can’t Get Out Right Away?

  5. Home Drills

  6. If Your Clothes Catch Fire

  7. Preventing Fires